Wendy Roberts Design offers graphic design and business-oriented services with a focus on graphics.  With a background in fine art (including a 4-year degree), and years of experience in business and design, Wendy has the experience with print and online graphics to help create a professional appearance for your business and products. Starting in 1997, she learned the computer elements of graphic design during the early days of the Internet.  As a freelance graphic designer and owner of her own business since 2006, she has seen the changing landscape of online marketing, and has years of experience with the unforgiving medium of print.  She has designed everything from logos, business cards, and websites, to repeating Hawaiian shirt prints, display box designs, labels, t-shirts, banners, stickers, advertisements (online and print), custom wedding invitations, and even a movie poster.  Using her fine art and photography skills, she can photograph, draw, paint, scan, digitize, or create vector graphics to make the right graphics for each project. She will work with you to make your project look professional, cohesive to existing branding, and unique within the market.